Thank you!

With your purchase you directly support vulnerable groups in Vietnam!

With every purchase we donate to a local non-profit organization. As Namture we are directly involved in these donations by always being present ourselves. The donations currently include donating food and toys, as well as organizing activities for the relevant target group.

In the future, we will also use our donations to support local initiatives that aim to create more awareness about the use of plastic.

Orphanage Bien Hoa

Last March (2023) we organized our first donation at the orphanage 'Cô Nhi Viện Thiên Bình'. It is located in Bien Hoa, about 40 kilometers outside Ho Chi Minh. In addition to orphans, lonely elderly people are also cared for here, currently 160 children and 30 elderly people.

Wonderful Donation

Thanks to you, we were able to donate hundreds of kilos of food, drinks and toys. We also organized various activities for the children in collaboration with students from the Ho Chi Minh Open University.