Marinus Pul

Making an impact only really became a drive for Marinus when he was in Vietnam and saw what we did there with Namture. How many jobs we create and what we do with our donation! Now Marinus wants nothing more than to make the world a bit more beautiful.


Jan Pul

With making an impact for, and together with, the local Vietnamese population as a major motivation, Jan works with great passion every day to consciously source and produce the products with which we together make the most impact.


Camly Dinh

Camly ensures that all communication with our local partners runs smoothly. She also uses her local knowledge and network to ensure that we make as much impact as possible and for the right people.

Executive Assistant

Mandy Pul

Our marketing channels are filled by Mandy. She is completely at home in the field of marketing and because sustainable living is her basis, Mandy fits perfectly into our team.