Who are we?

We think it is important to share who we are, what we stand for and how we work. We are Jan & Marinus, two brothers and the founders of Namture. Jan lives in Vietnam and Marinus in the Netherlands. We have the ambition to work together with you and our local Vietnamese partners towards a world without plastic.

Huge numbers of coconut shells are burned every day. The shells are still seen as waste after using the coconut water. When we realized that coconut shells are a wonderful natural alternative to plastic products, we...
will investigate possibilities to introduce the rest of the world to this.

The name Namture originated from the combination of Vietnam and Nature. All our products come from Vietnam and contribute to a more sustainable use of nature.

Creating Change Together

Together we want to make a difference in the field of climate & environment by using our natural, sustainable products that would normally be burned as waste.

However, 'Together' goes further than just us
Namture and the consumer. The importance of the Vietnamese population becoming aware of the impact on the climate & environment of using plastic is at least as great. By allowing the local population and factories to actively participate and inspire each other, we can make a much greater impact.

Using our products gives the local
Vietnamese farmer the opportunity to generate an extra income with natural products that are normally burned as waste.

We also want to support underprivileged groups in Vietnam by donating part of the turnover to a local Vietnamese organization. We are directly involved in this local organization and all activities related to the donations
be organised.

Our values

We only use natural and sustainable products and implement sustainability in every aspect of our company. From picking the coconut in Vietnam to delivering the package in the Netherlands.

We believe it is important to be transparent about the origin of the products, local working conditions and the ultimate destination of the donations.

We want to be a reliable party for both local workshops and the ultimate consumer. We act accordingly by offering a fair price
payment, being transparent about the entire chain and delivering a high-quality end product.

Due to the fact that one of our founders lives in Vietnam, we are directly involved with the local Vietnamese workshops and their employees. Also possible
this means we are directly involved in the donations.

How do we safeguard our values?

Where many other companies are the connection
lost with the origin of the products, this is the most important value for us.

Our founder Jan lives in Vietnam and regularly visits the locations where our products are produced. Due to this intensive contact with the
local people in Vietnam feel involved and co-responsible for Namture and its goals.

Where Jan guards our values ​​in Vietnam, Marinus does this in the Netherlands.
Thanks to this close collaboration, we can pay attention to important matters such as quality and working conditions in every process.